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Someone told me Tamo was a guest in an episode of the 2009 Medical Horror Check Show (a popular TV show in Japan). I searched on YT and found the link:


Tamo looked ever so sweet and healthy. I was surprised to hear her said she is allergic to feathers! Even a fellow guest asked "But there are so many feathers in Takarazuka!" Tamo said as feathers make her cough, she often used eye contact to get the others to drag on the dialogue a bit, so she could cough it out and then appeared to the audience as if nothing happened.

The theme of the TV show was to discuss "female illnesses", and we get to know Tamo has always suffered severe menstral cramps, and often she can't even stand up straight without taking pain killers.

Geez, what a gal!



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Apr. 9th, 2010 02:36 pm (UTC)
Was that why she got the big flower in her outfit instead of feathers in La Gare?
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